1581: curriculum lesson 5: phaco incisions

The incision is a critically important part of your surgery. As one of the initial steps, it can determine the outcome of the rest of the case. If you make a terrible incision, it will leak during surgery and give you chamber instability which can then lead to a posterior capsule rupture, vitreous prolapse, and a host of other complications. All from a poorly constructed incision. Also remember that the incision is part of your surgical signature that you leave on every eye and you need to take pride in your work. This curriculum video explores many of the basic concepts and techniques for creating a great phaco incision.

If you are new to our CataractCoach Curriculum series, you can catch up with the prior lessons here. The goal is to post semi-monthly videos, usually the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, where we go into a learning topic in detail by amalgamating prior videos from our extensive library. These videos are meant to be watched in order and together they serve as a comprehensive curriculum from which you can learn cataract surgery.

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