1582: Quiz: Why such an odd chopper?

Time for a Cataract Quiz: look at the picture here and tell me, why this surgeon is using such an odd-shaped chopper? The answer is in the photo and once you see it, you can’t un-see it! But if you don’t quite see it just yet, watch the video.

While we are here, I want to commend you on your dedication to learning and becoming a better ophthalmologists, bit by bit, every day. Your patients will benefit immensely and you’ll enjoy surgery even more. While I still make use of textbooks and journals, they are too static and too slow for modern times. For many surgeons, me included, the best way to learn surgery is by watching a video. And the perfect recipe is a little bit every day so that I can absorb the concepts, think about the techniques, and integrate the new knowledge into my own practice. Our goal is to be a little bit better every day so that we become the best versions of ourselves.

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