1509: DMEK transplant wipe technique

I enjoy learning new techniques and I am honored to have learned DMEK pearls from the true experts like Martin Dirisamer MD and Peter Veldman MD. This video features a combined cataract surgery and DMEK corneal transplant for a patient with advanced Fuchs’ dystrophy. The technique that is highlighted here is the DMEK wipe technique where the diseased host tissue is removed and then used to polish the corneal stromal surface. For our corneal surgery experts in the audience, what do you think of this technique?

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  1. Interesting. Generally the difficulty is residual tags at the peripheral edge of the Descemetorhexis, rather than adherent tags in the center – centrally Descemet’s tends to come off pretty easily. But if there is an adherent tag in the center, it may be worth trying this rather that poking around with a reverse Sinskey in the visual axis. I do wonder if this wiping will activate some stromal fibroblasts and lead to interface haze.

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