1463: MISCS: optimizing the incision

I was speaking with a surgeon recently who stated that there was no need to learn MSICS because any nucleus could be conquered with phaco. Frankly, I was disappointed. Even if this surgeon has magical hands and beyond top 1% skills, there will still be a case where MSICS will be better than phaco and the reluctance to learn a new technique hurts the surgeon and the patients. This week we will be featuring MSICS videos with the goal of teaching phaco surgeons this technique. Today’s video focuses on making the appropriate incision for MSICS. Whether you are a novice surgeon or a seasoned one, please make sure that you learn this technique!

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  1. Dear Dr. Uday Devgan, you are doing Gods work by enlightening so many of your colleagues and residents! Just imagine the number of patients who are helped by the doctors who visit your videos!

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