1462: new graduate performs phaco chop

I am very proud of this young surgeon who is performing phaco chop for this routine cataract case. Let’s face it, in most cases phaco chop is more efficient and a better procedure than divide-and-conquer, but it is significantly more challenging to learn. If you are a surgeon in practice for many years, do not worry, you can certainly learn phaco chop! When you watch this video, there are certain clues which let you know that this surgeon is early in his career, but the most important message is that he has a great desire to learn and become better. This is the mindset of a champion and I expect that he will blossom into a world-class surgeon in just a few years. Watch the video and learn what I would do to improve the phaco chop technique in this case. And remember, the most common email I receive is from established surgeons who wish to learn phaco chop. Yes, have faith, you can certainly learn it!

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