1397: Contest Winner: Grand Prize

Congratulations to Dr Heather Broyles, an ophthalmology resident at the University of Arkansas Jones Eye Institute. Her video won the grand prize in our USF + CataractCoach video contest and she gets the USD$500 prize but more importantly, the recognition from her peers and the motivation to continue on the path of becoming a world-class surgeon. Her video does not show a novel technique for a complex case, but rather it shows how she recovers from intra-operative complications to still give the patient a good visual outcome.

You have heard me say it before: there are two types of ophthalmologists who do not ever have surgical complications, those who don’t operate and those who aren’t quite fully truthful. If you perform surgery, at some point you will certainly encounter a complication. Everyone ends up fumbling the ball from time to time, but the key is to recover. This video illustrates that point very well. Watch it carefully and I think you will appreciate the valuable lesson.

link here

bonus: this link is the video which shows why you must understand the 7L rule for 3-piece IOL insertion. And this video shows you that the haptics of a 3-piece IOL can twist and come out upside down.