1398: compressing the learning curve

As we have explained here before, the surgical learning curve is steep and challenging! The beauty of these CataractCoach videos is that you can do a great deal of learning in a shorter period of time. You can compress the surgical learning curve because I will show you complications and challenges that you will definitely face in your future. You can learn how to recognize and then recover from these complications before they ever happen to you. That rare one in a thousand complication can be taught to you now, before it happens in your hands. You will remember the video and the surgical pearl and you will be able to rescue yourself from the situation.

And another important point in this video: what is more important, the horse or the track? The chef of the kitchen? And when should you start watching CataractCoach videos? Should a first year resident start watching them?

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  1. Uday , You are the wisest and best cataract surgeon I know . You continuously impress me with your skills , your teaching ability and your humility . Even after more than 30 years of performing surgery I still learn from you . You have been given beautiful gifts and you use them to the fullest . Scott

    1. Thank you for the very kind words. We are all learning everyday. And we still love cataract surgery after all of these years.

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