1364: benchmark for resident case 100

There is no doubt that cataract surgery is very difficult to learn. Learning intra-ocular surgery is likely the most difficult challenge that you have faced in your life so far. The tissues are delicate and unforgiving and the results of your surgical technique will change the way your patients see the world, every waking moment for the rest of their lives. And it is up to you to ensure that your surgical skills are progressing appropriately. This video is where your skills should be after performing about 100 phaco cataract surgeries. This is a stop and chop case that the 70th cataract case from a senior resident. The video is presented unedited and in real-time so that you can accurately compare your skills to what you see. Your routine, uncomplicated cataract case should be at about this level if you have completed 100 cataract surgeries so far. If you have done 200 or 300 cataract surgeries but you are not at this level, then it’s time to get into gear and ramp up your surgical learning.

click to see where your skills should be after 100 cataract surgeries:

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