1299: cataract surgery in nanophthalmos

This patient has a very small eye with an axial length of just 15 mm. That makes the entire surgery much more challenging. The anterior chamber is shallow and the iris wants to prolapse. The surgeon finds that there is not enough space to implant the desired +63 diopter IOL and has to perform a partial anterior vitrectomy to make room. The technique here is excellent and the patient has a very nice outcome. I have a quiz question for you before watching the video.

In which eye are the IOL calculations less predictable?

  • 15 mm axial length with a shallow anterior chamber depth of 1.5mm
  • 15 mm axial length with a normal anterior chamber depth of 3.0mm

The answer is in the video and it may surprise you…

click to learn how to perform cataract surgery for eyes with nanophthalmos:

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