1298: cortical cleaving hydro-dissection

This video shows the technique of cortical cleaving hydro-dissection which we have previously covered. This involves using the fluid wave of balanced salt solution to separate the lens cortex from the capsule so that minimal or even no I/A is needed for separate cortex removal. This video is also unique since it uses an overlay system that shows the aspiration flow rate, the vacuum level, and the phaco power on moving graphs during the surgery. This is helpful for beginning surgeons to learn what happens at each step of the surgery. The key take home message for this peristaltic pump system is that during phaco chop, the tip must be occluded (high vacuum), which will drop the flow rate (low aspiration), and that’s the time to perform the chop and then apply energy to remove the cataract pieces.

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click to learn from this video with intra-op metrics shown in scrolling graph form:

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