1300: stress reduction improves surgery

When people hear that cataract surgery takes just a few minutes, the incorrect assumption is that it must be easy. There is no doubt that cataract surgery is one of the most difficult, precise, and unforgiving surgeries that exist in the human body, from head to toe. We work in a very small space of much less than 1 milliliter and the tissues are delicate and unforgiving. If you break the capsule or damage the iris, there is no way to return it back to normal. During these brief cataract surgeries we are concentrating with a high degree of intensity. And there is tremendous pressure to give every patient a perfect outcome even though much of that is dependent on the patient’s tissues and healing response.

Ophthalmologists must find a good way of relieving or reducing stress in order to perform at our best. The best form of stress reduction for me may be different than for you. This video discusses some of the options and warns of some of the dangers in seeking to reduce stress.

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  1. Yoga is great for stress relief and deep breathing techniques are very helpful. I also say a prayer before I operate

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