Rock the Nucleus in White Cataracts

The topic of white cataracts is so popular here on CataractCoach that we have an entire category devoted to it and we have a great review video of the topic. One of the main issues is the risk of errant extension of the capsulorhexis edge, producing the dreaded Argentinian Flag Sign. This can be avoided by decompressing the capsular bag via the double capsulorhexis technique, using the phaco probe to punch a central hole, or using needle decompression.

In all of these techniques, we must remember that the liquefied lens cortex (the “lens milk”) is both in front of the nucleus and behind it. After initially aspirating out liquefied cortex, the nucleus must be rocked back and forth to release the rest of the trapped lens milk. At this point, the capsular bag is now fully decompressed and we can create our capsulorhexis with great control and low risk.

click below for the video which explains this technique of rocking the nucleus:

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