1100: Very soft PSC cataract technique

This patient is young, under age 40, and has been suffering from posterior subcapsular cataracts for more than 1 year. At this point, the visual disability is too great and cataract surgery must be considered. The patient still has a significant degree of accommodation since presbyopia has not set in. The patient elected to have a trifocal toric IOL in order to address the astigmatism and provide a wide range of vision without glasses. The technique here is very different since the lens nucleus is very soft. We do not even use the phaco probe, but instead remove the entire crystalline lens using just the I/A probe. At the end we ensure that the IOL is precisely positioned and the patient achieved an outstanding result. We want to do a beautiful surgery for this patient who can enjoy now a lifetime of excellent vision.

click to watch this complete cataract case of a very soft PSC cataract surgery: