1099: some amazing surgical pearls

With CataractCoach, I am sharing everything that I have learned or figured out during the past 25 years in ophthalmology. And this is particularly true in the operating room where I have a wealth of experience and surgical pearls that will make you a better surgeon. This video covers a few critical things that we do in our surgery center in order to provide the best outcomes and the safest patient experience. The most common IOL related error in the operating room is putting the IOL for patient A into patient B. How has this never happened to me in tens of thousands of surgeries over 20+ years? I explain my method here. Also, when the patient comes for the second eye cataract surgery, how can we quickly and easily check the refractive outcome from the first eye? I explain that too. And finally, how do I set up my phaco machine settings for efficiency, but yet still have the ability to use special modes if needed? Again, the magic will be explained in the video.

click watch the video to learn these amazing surgical pearls:


  1. A portable autorefractor, like the Retinomax, could be helpful in assessing the refractive error in the first eye, prior to performing surgery in the second eye.

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