1101: Infant Lensectomy Technique

While congenital cataracts are rare, they must be identified very early in an infant’s life and then often surgically treated. Our guest surgeons are pediatric ophthalmologists with a lot of experience in these baby lensectomy cases. This surgery is performed very differently than the typical adult cataract surgery. There are more challenges here such as opening the anterior and posterior lens capsules and performing a primary anterior vitrectomy.

We have had an interest in these baby cataract surgeries for many years and back in 2007 we published an article a video showing the use of 25g vitrectomy instrumentation for performing an infant lensectomy. This is now our preferred technique since the incision size is so small and the level of precision is very high.

click to learn how Dr Harshad Patel and Dr Simon Fung help this baby with congenital cataracts: