1078: Cataract Quiz – you see this post-op

You did surgery for this patient yesterday and she is so happy with 20/30 vision today. She started with a white cataract and hand-motions vision only, so this is an amazing improvement with a clear cornea and moderate anterior chamber cell. The incision is nicely sealed with a 10-0 nylon suture and the IOP is 15 mmHg. And then you look closely at the anterior segment and you see this.

What is going on with this case? Study these pictures carefully and tell me what you would do:

  1. looks fine to me, keep using the post-op steroids and give it time. return visit in 2 weeks.
  2. the capsule is ruptured and the IOL is going to displace into the vitreous cavity
  3. there is a retained nuclear fragment behind the inferior iris
  4. none of the above

Well, of course the answer is 4. none of the above — so what is it?

Click below to see the answer to this Cataract Quiz and to learn what we was done: