1077: traumatic cataract & pupilloplasty

This patient sustained blunt trauma to his eye and then developed chronic mydriasis and a cataract with significant zonular loss. He presents to our resident ophthalmology clinic more than 1 year after the trauma and he is bothered by the poor vision and the extensive glare due to the chronic 9mm pupil dilation. A senior resident booked the surgery to remove the cataract, provide more capsular support, insert the IOL, and then perform the pupilloplasty.

We used a retrobulbar injection of lidocaine and bupivicaine to provide good anesthesia and then we allotted one hour to perform this case. This video highlights the important steps from this surgery. And I want to encourage you that if my resident can perform this case (with professor guidance), then you can do it as well. It just takes planning and attention to detail.

click to learn how to fix this traumatic cataract and perform a pupilloplasty:


  1. Great case, your resident did a phenomenal job. Any reason you elected to do a 3 piece with ROC instead of 1 piece in the bag?

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