1006: Playlist: Indian Surgeons

Our ophthalmology colleagues from India have brought a high degree of expertise to cataract surgery. Over the past decades, I have learned so much from them and they have transformed the way that cataract surgery is performed worldwide. The development of Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) is a good example and it has transformed the way that low-cost, safe and efficient surgery can be brought to millions of people. This playlist features 6 videos from expert Indian cataract surgeons and each will give you some great pearls that will help in your own practice.

First up is Dr Pooja Bhomaj with a very milky intumescent white cataract:
The double capsulorhexis technique is expertly demonstrated by Dr Pradip Mohanta
Dr M.S. Ravindra shows us a technique of manually bisecting a nucleus to remove it without phaco.
Dr Sourabh Patwardhan presents a cataract quiz where he shows how to flip an IOL in the eye.
Dr Naveen Gopal performs a spiral out technique for capsulorhexis creation in a white cataract.
Dr. Ravi Prasad Challa presents his technique for posterior polar cataracts.


  1. Agradezco el emprendimiento por todo lo que nos enseñan constantemente. Admiro su destreza , conocimientos, generosidad y humildad con la que nos brindan todo aquello que en laexperiencia, a veces es un guante difícil de recoger !!!

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