White Cataract Double Capsulorhexis

It is always a pleasure to learn from a master surgeon like Dr Pradip Mohanta from West Bengal, India. He has a large following of subscribers to his channel because he is truly innovative in his approach to cataract surgery. In this case, he shows us his way of doing the double capsulorhexis technique which is great for intumescent white cataracts. This allows him to first create a Mini-Rhexis, then aspirate the liquefied lens cortex and milk from the lens capsule which then allows great control to make the final 5 mm capsulorhexis. The nucleus is removed using his submarine chop technique. A very important distinction in this case is that he uses just HPMC (hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose) as the viscoelastic agent, without the need for sodium chondroitin sulfate/sodium hyaluronate.

click below to learn this double capsulorhexis technique from Dr Mohanta:

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