Guest surgeon: Milky White Cataract

Our guest surgeon today is Dr Pooja Bhomaj from Miraj, India and she presents a case of a milky white cataract. She uses 23g forceps to perform the double capsulorhexis technique — but differently than we have shown before. Her technique works very well and requires a high degree of skill to both complete the capsulorhexis as well as to chop the nucleus into many smaller pieces. We know that these intumescent white cataracts are challenging and we must be well versed in the techniques that can help ensure success.

Click below to see what is different about her double capsulorhexis technique:


  1. Thank you for this video sir. Very useful. Could you please tell me what exactly is the benefit of using intraocular forceps over utrata forceps in case of intumescent cataract surgery ?

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