Submarine Chop for dense cataracts

For a dense cataract, performing phaco chop is challenging because the central lens nucleus is so hard that the chop does not always propagate all the way through. Our guest surgeon, Dr Pradip Mohanta from West Bengal, India has a great technique to facilitate phaco chop in these brunescent cataracts: the submarine chop.

The idea behind this technique is to bury the phaco tip deep within the central endo-nucleus, thereby weakening it, and also to provide a strong purchase on the nucleus. This works very well, even in the most dense cataract cases. We thank Dr Mohanta for a great video and we are amazed at his expert hands.

Click below to learn the Submarine Chop for dense cataracts:


  1. He is a wonderful teacher and has God gifted skills… I did my fellowship under him…

    1. A very nice tech indeed, I just wonder what are the phaco parameters needed for this technique?! Thanks in advance. I assume it is high power high vacuum from the start.

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