Refining your Surgical Signature

It is so important for surgeons to take pride in their work. You must do a great job, or don’t do it at all. We have previously explained the concept of the surgical signature and how you leave your characteristic mark on every eye upon which you operate.

The two permanent changes that you will make to the tissue are the incision and the capsulorhexis. Even decades after your surgery, a fellow doctor will be able to examine the eye and see the results of your handiwork. In addition, the incision and capsulorhexis are integral to providing a great visual outcome and a safe procedure. An incision that is beautifully constructed will seal well and limit the risk of complications such as endophthalmitis. A centered and precise capsulorhexis will securely hold the IOL optic in position for the most accurate refractive outcome.

click below to learn how to truly refine your surgical signature:

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