Setting Up for Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is team work and the surgeon is just one member of the team. We need a great team with all people performing accurately and purposefully in order to truly be efficient and deliver great and safe outcomes for our patients. This video shows what the scrub technician (surgical assistant) does to set up for cataract surgery.

This scrub tech truly performs at the A+ level and I am so fortunate to have done thousands of cataract surgeries with her. When I need cataract surgery in the future, I want to have someone just like her taking care of my procedure.

Click below to watch how my scrub tech sets up for cataract surgery:

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  1. Wow! I thought that I was fast. She moves at twice my speed…..if she didn’t have to wait on instruments to cool, you would have to actually slow down the video just to watch her set up!…👏👏 I would love to match her knowledge!…..I’m so glad you have a great assistant as we all know the importance of such. Thanks for sharing!

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