Guest Surgeon Efficient Divide-and-Conquer

After thousands of cases, surgeons become very efficient and can complete cataract procedures with fewer instruments and less surgical trauma. This video features Dr. Swarup Reddy from Proddatur, India and he shows his highly refined and very efficient divide-and-conquer technique.

He makes both incisions simultaneously, using the paracentesis incision to stabilize the eye as the keratome creates the main phaco incision. The unusual part of this surgery is that no I/A probe (irrigation/aspiration) is used during the surgery. Dr Reddy carefully uses the phaco probe to remove the lens cortex and then again at the end of the case to remove any viscoelastic after IOL insertion. The entire video is just three and a half minutes, but I caution the young surgeons not to focus on that aspect of the case. Cataract surgery is not a race and beginning surgeons should focus more on technique and safety.

Click below to learn from this efficient case of Divide-and-Conquer:

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