Analyzing a resident Stop-and-Chop case

Most of the uncut surgical videos that are shown here are very efficient and complete cases can be performed in just a few minutes. But I assure you, that even if you see me perform a sub-5-minute cataract surgery, that is the result of many years of practice and that my initial cases 20 years ago took substantially longer.

This video is an unedited stop-and-chop cataract surgery performed by one of my junior residents (PGY3 = Post-Graduate Year 3 in USA terminology) and it takes about 22 minutes, which is excellent for this level of training. For our non-USA readers, this doctor has completed 4 years of university for a bachelor’s degree, then 4 years for the MD degree, then the PGY1 year is the internship, then PGY2 is the first year of ophthalmology residency, PGY3 is the second year, and PGY4 is the final year. This is then often followed by a 1 or 2-year fellowship in an ophthalmic sub-specialty.

If you are in your training, there is great value in watching this complete video, which has my running commentary for its entirety. It’s clear from this video that the resident has performed countless hours of practice in the wet lab and with the surgical simulator, and that he has the drive to become an outstanding cataract surgeon.

Click below to learn from this junior resident cataract surgery:

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