Toric IOL with intra-operative aberrometer use

Guest Expert John Hovanesian MD implanting a Toric IOL with aberrometer guidance

Dr. Hovanesian is a well-known and much respected anterior segment surgeon who practices in southern Orange County, California which is about 100 km south of Los Angeles. He has written multiple books, hundreds of articles, and has lectured around the world. He has kindly presented us with a routine surgery video where he implants a toric IOL using the guidance of an intra-operative aberrometer.

This surgery is beautifully performed and clearly, he is a skilled surgeon. The video below shows his technique and also provides a discussion about the intra-operative guidance system. Young doctors should be exposed to many different techniques and learn from multiple ophthalmologists, emulating their methods initially, before developing their own.

Click below to learn from this great case by Dr. Hovanesian:

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