2017: Why is the eye pressure high POD1?

On post-op day 1 after cataract surgery, we routinely check the intra-ocular pressure. And while it is usually within the normal range, it can occasionally be elevated. This post-op day 1 pressure spike is often thought to be due to retained viscoelastic in the eye because that can clog up the trabecular meshwork. I routinely perform the angle sweep technique to ensure complete viscoelastic removal. And in this case, I am pretty confident that no retained viscoelastic is present. So what is the cause of the post-op day 1 pressure spike? It is from the small aliquot of triamcinolone that is placed at the end of this case? Or perhaps there is a different issue such as a chronically damaged trabecular meshwork from underlying long term glaucoma?

video link here

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