2016: ZeptoLink precision pulse capsulotomy

This patient is very myopic with a long axial length and a large anterior segment. The corneal diameter is about 13 mm and with the large degree of dilation it can be difficult to make an accurate 5 mm capsulorhexis. We want the anterior capsular opening to overlap the optic 360 degrees so that the IOL is securely held in position without tilt or decentration at the appropriate plane (effective lens position). The challenge is creating a capsular opening that is precise without the risk of a capsular runout. In this case, I am using the ZeptoLink device to instantly create a well-centered and precise 5.1 mm diameter capsular opening. This new device is now integrated with your phaco machine (any brand or platform is fine) so that the phaco machine and tubing are used to create the vacuum suction to hold the Zepto hand-piece on top of the anterior lens capsule.

There is also a choice for the size of the capsular opening with either a 5.1 mm diameter or a 5.4 mm diameter. The surgeon can control the vacuum delivery with the standard phaco foot pedal and a Zepto setting is programmed into the phaco machine. Having this device simplified this challenging cataract surgery case and produced an excellent outcome. I encourage you to check out this innovative technology and contact the Centricity Vision, the company that makes the ZeptoLink via this form. Please enter CataractCoach in the additional info box.

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