1910: PodCast 18: Eric Donnenfeld MD

Eric Donnenfeld MD is an outstanding teacher and has taught thousands of ophthalmologists with his presentations and articles. He has a knack for explaining tough concepts in an easy to understand manner while always providing levity and laughter which makes his lectures memorable. I have learned so much from him over the years and I was really eager to have him share his words of wisdom from 40+ years in ophthalmology. I am certain you will enjoy the podcast and will have many moments where you laugh out loud.

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YouTube video link here

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  1. I am amazed so far with all of the podcasts that you have presented so far. Each guest has imparted so many pearls of wisdom. Thank you so much.

    Ideas for future guests:
    Jack Holladay
    Carol Shields
    Douglas Koch
    Francis Price
    Richard Mackool
    Steve Charles
    Kendall Donaldson
    Warren Hill
    Julia Haller
    Thomas Samuelson
    Robert Weinstock
    Neto Rosatelli
    William E. Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken)
    Pradip Mohanta
    Deepak Megur
    I Howard Fine

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