1824: two jerky pulls to save the capsulorhexis

We have previously covered the Little Technique to pull backwards to help save a run-out capsulorhexis. This Two Jerky Pulls technique accomplishes the same thing and may be easier and more reliable to perform. When the capsulorhexis has run out to the zonular attachments, two quick jerky pulls can bring it back centrally where control is better and the capsulorhexis can be completed. This video also shows the technique in slow motion. This is a great surgical pearl and I will keep it in my skills toolbox for future use.

link here

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  1. I think it’s important to emphasize that when the rhexis is starting to run out it’s a great idea to stop, add dispersive viscoelastic and flatten the anterior capsule, push the lens back because if the chamber is shallowing at all and the lens coming foward it will push the rhexis out to the periphery like the hulk popping his shirt. So if the rhexis is starting to go peripheral, stop, add dispersive and then redirect it out of the zonule “jungle” and back into the clear zone where there are no zonules and with a little luck if you caught it early enough you should be back in business.

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