1808: father vs son challenge – the father

Ophthalmology, particularly cataract surgery, is such an amazing field that it is relatively common to see generations of eye surgeons in the same family. Father-son, Father-daughter, Mother-son, and Mother-daughter ophthalmologists are seen in our circles and I wish the same for my own children! Ophthalmology is such a gift that my passion is my profession and still do not feel that it is “work” to perform eye surgery but rather it is a pleasure. Today and tomorrow we have two very interesting videos, one today from a highly experienced father who has done tens of thousands of cataract surgeries and then tomorrow from the son of this surgeon who has done about 500 cases. And the beauty is that father and son operate differently in some regards and then similarly in others (both do horizontal chop). My question to you is which surgical technique do you prefer? Watch this video today (the father) and then the video tomorrow (the son) and post a comment.

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