1798: PodCast 7: Arsham Sheybani MD

Our guest for this podcast is Arsham Sheybani MD from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA where he is a glaucoma and anterior segment surgeon. We previously featured a video from him about his BANG technique and I wrote that “When I first met Arsham Sheybani MD at a meeting a few years ago, I could tell that I was in the presence of greatness.” Really. He is that amazing but he is also so humble that he will never admit to it. Truly a brilliant ophthalmologist and he will be a leader in the glaucoma surgical revolution.

In this podcast we cover many interesting topics, from the spectrum of glaucoma surgery to anterior segment trauma, and we even get into the details about what the future of ophthalmology (and residency training) will be. Arsham is truly an amazing physician and surgeon and even if you don’t enjoy glaucoma, you will enjoy every minute of this podcast. Trust me!

We are planning on hosting two podcast interviews per month, on the second and fourth Sundays, and we will have them uploaded to all major podcast services (click links here: AppleGoogleSpotify) for enjoying as you drive to work or exercise. I am really excited to share these amazing podcasts with you. The full video of the podcast will also be here on CataractCoach as well as on our YouTube channel.

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