1779: resident week: nice chop but…

The next case in our resident week series is a routine case where this US senior resident is learning phaco chop. It is a nice chop but… the eye is moved out of primary position. Look at the reflection of the microscope lights on the cornea and you can appreciate just how deviated the eye is during the chop. That needs to be addressed and the surgeon should be able to maintain control of the eye position during the surgery. Some great and helpful hints for resolving this issue are explained in the video.

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  1. MO it’s important to place the paracentesis and the phaco incision about 90 degree apart from each other to facilitate control of the eye. Otherwise both instruments are pushing in the same direction and you can’t really control the eye’s position well. I always place the para at 90 degrees from the phaco incision and if I’m doing PPV again…the two trocars are 90 degrees apart and then I can manipulate not just what’s in the eye but the eye itself

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