1703: horizontal chop without vacuum

The traditional method of phaco chop uses vacuum holding power at the phaco tip to hold the nucleus while the chopper splits it. This video shows a technique without vacuum holding power where the phaco probe is placed in a small pit and the chopper is precisely placed opposite it so that the two instruments can hold the nucleus. This helps in that the time requirement of phaco chop is removed so that there is a larger window of time in which to achieve the chop. Normally with vacuum holding power there is a small window of a second or two where the high vacuum is fixating the nucleus firmly, after which time the vacuum level will drop. We have shown a Brazilian surgeon performing a similar technique in the past (link here – and left handed too!) and this is something that you can certainly learn. If you are having trouble with traditional phaco chop, please study this video carefully and see if this makes it easier.

link here

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