1700: start the new year with purpose

This is video number 1700 which means that we have posted a new video every day for 1700 days in a row without ever missing a day. And later this year in October we will reach the 2000 video milestone. I want to thank our 47,000 subscribers for the 16 million views and the strong support to keep this channel going as the number 1 video resource on the planet for ophthalmic surgery.

Let’s also remember that we are here with a purpose: to learn from each other and become better surgeons every day to give our patients the best visual results possible. This video also shows how you can attach your mobile phone to your microscope in order to record surgical footage in true high definition. You would not enjoy watching a low resolution surgical video (or even television show), so please let’s upgrade to high definition. And because we always want to learn new surgical pearls, we have a brief clip showing how to safely flip an upside down IOL inside the eye.

Happy New Year to my CataractCoach family.

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  1. what is the name of hte vendor that makes the adapter from the beam splitter to the I-phone? Thanks

    1. Hello David,

      Our company Custom Surgical is the one selling the MicroREC. Our device allows attaching any smartphone to a microscope or slit lamp and starting recording medical imagery without blocking the binoculars. It works for ophthalmic, dental, ENT, neurology and other types of microsurgerie.

      With MicroREC you can perform live broadcasting for learning purposes or telemedicine.

      • Works with 90% microscopes and slit lamps
      • Record, enhance and store medical imaging separately from your personal files with our MicroREC app
      • Compatible with any smartphone
      • 2-year warranty
      • Worldwide shipping and support
      • Manufactured and designed in Germany

      Please refer to our website for more information: https://customsurgical.co/

      Best regards,

      Custom Surgical Team

  2. Uday, you have made me a better surgeon and clinician. Your videos and narration are wonderful. When I started watching CataractCoach videos, I realized I wanted to up my game in video recording. Our old Sony recording unit broke ($$$$$ to buy replacement recording system) and the MicroRec system is a great option.

    I record my videos using a Leica F40/M844 microscope which has a beam splitter. I attach the MicroRec Leica adapter (no financial interest), iPhone 12, and record using the built-in iPhone camera app. Oculars are at 0 focus, Zoom at 1.4x. I have the circulating nurse lock focus on iPhone screen after I’ve made the image par-focal. I also screen share to an Apple TV so staff can view.

    I purchased the MicroRec online via https://customsurgical.co/store/

    The MicroRec comes with a universal holder for the cell phone. I’ve since purchased a 3-D printed holder for the iPhone 12 so the image is perfectly centered.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      It’s a pleasure for us to hear you are having a good experience using our MicroREC.

      Thank you for sharing the details with the rest of the community!

      Best regards,

      Custom Surgical Team

  3. Dear Doctor ,
    Thank you so very much for your tireless efforts to educate and inform your colleagues.
    Your videos have been most helpful and insightful.
    Thank you so much once again.
    Frank Accardi MD
    NYU Grossman School of Medicine
    New York New York

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