1685: Primer on how to perform LASIK

This is one of the most requested topics from all of you: please teach us how to perform LASIK. And in this video, which is 20+ minutes in length, I will give you a basic primer about how to perform LASIK and 5 easy steps to incorporating LASIK into your practice.

  1. Should you perform LASIK?
  2. Access to lasers & patients
  3. pre-op evaluation and Rx
  4. Intra-op techniques & pearls
  5. post-op procedure

This video also will feature a complete LASIK surgery (Zeiss Visumax femtosecond laser for flap creation and then Alcon Wavelight excimer laser for corneal ablation) with helpful surgical pearls that you will certainly find useful. Even though this video is 20+ minutes, when you invest that time learning from it, you will learn great insight that would otherwise take you a year or longer to pick up. Trust me, it is well worth your time!

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