1656: a really tough case for a resident

For any cataract surgeon this is a tough case: 94 year old patient (nonagenarian), short axial length, shallow anterior chamber, a dense cataract, and a pupil which is actually small given the patient’s small white-to-white measurement. For a resident with about 200 cases worth of experience, this case is even more challenging. Should you attempt these types of cases if you are a less experienced surgeon? Yes, particularly in residency when you have direct supervision (and assistance) from a well-seasoned attending surgeon. There will be a time, just after the end of your training, when you will be in an operating room by yourself doing a case just like this. It’s better to learn to manage these tough cases while you have the help of your professors and mentors. This resident does a very good job, but there are still some basic issues that need addressing such as proper draping and keeping the eye in primary. What advice can you offer this resident surgeon? Please comment below.

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