1653: two cataract surgeons walk into…

It is truly an honor to perform cataract surgery on the eyes of fellow ophthalmologists and I have been blessed to help dozens of colleagues become pseudophakic. While some surgeons may it stressful to operate on a colleague, I find it to be easier than operating on your average patient. These fellow cataract surgeons know exactly what they want and their expectations are very reasonable. Easiest of all is IOL selection and selection of a post-op refractive target. On Halloween a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to operate on two fellow cataract surgeons, both from out of state. They both started with axial myopia and they both chose to remain somewhat myopic. The first patient was about -3 pre-operatively and he selected a post-op goal of about -1.5 which will provide a great range of vision for his daily activities, including performing cataract surgery on his own patients. The second patient has an axial length of about 30 mm and was more than -10 pre-operatively. His preference was to achieve best distance vision and he selected a goal of about -0.5 to dial that in. For both of these patients, we reviewed the IOL calculations together and we compared the biometry that they performed at their home clinics with the measurements that I did in my practice. They both did very well and I gave them each an unedited video of their surgery. They were both happy to see a beautiful incision and capsulorhexis (your signature, remember?). One day in the future, when I have cataracts, one of my CataractCoach fans will do the same for me.

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  1. I noticed that you placed yellow tinted lenses in both ophthalmologists. Why did they prefer the yellow lens compared to the clear lens?

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