1652: Quiz: What is the problem here?

If you have done less than 1000 cataract surgeries, then you may find this quiz very challenging. Look carefully at the picture and let me know if you see any issues. There are no retained lens fragments. The capsulorhexis is about 5 mm in diameter and fully intact. There is no zonular weakness and the posterior capsule is intact. But there is a problem in this picture. It may be easier to detect when watching the video. When this issue happened, I noticed it immediately and then addressed it appropriately. The patient achieved excellent vision without any post-op complications. If I was at the beginning of my career, I may have missed this because it happens so fast and it is subtle. I present this case to you so that even if you are still in your training, you can learn about this issue and prevent problems in your own patients. That’s the beauty of spending 5 minutes a day watching CataractCoach videos: you can learn so much ahead of time that when you run into challenges in your own surgeries, you will know exactly how to overcome them.

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