1609: Curriculum Lesson 7: Capsulorhexis

The capsulorhexis. One of my favorite parts of cataract surgery and one of the hardest steps to learn. When you see a patient who had cataract surgery years ago and you look and see a beautifully round, centered capsulorhexis it just warms your heart. It is such a critical part of your cataract surgery since it allows lower risk for cataract removal and more stability for IOL placement. It is truly part of your surgical signature and you must take pride in it.

I highly recommend that beginner surgeons start with Lesson 1 and then go through all of the lessons. For the complete CataractCoach Curriculum series, please see here:


This video gives my best tips for beginners to learn to perform a capsulorhexis. You must put in the effort to truly study this video and then practice in your wet lab, on your surgical simulator, or with your professor. I have faith that you can master the technique and learn to perform a consistent and beautiful capsulorhexis.

link here for today’s video Lesson 7: Capsulorhexis

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