1602: IOL calc case study 6: high myopia

This patient has a high degree of myopia and also a high degree of corneal astigmatism. The patient wants to have great distance vision without having to use spectacles. How do you perform the IOL calculations with regards to sphere and cylinder? Also why did the patient increase his degree of myopia (by about 3 diopters) over the past year or two? Is it related to a further elongation of the axial length? This patient achieved outstanding vision and was very pleased. Here is how I ensured the best accuracy…

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  1. Great talk Dr Devegan ,thanks a lot
    Can you give us more pearls and tools in topographe lecture .i only have topographe in my hospital

  2. Thank you for this interesting discussion.

    I have 1 question , I noticed that you use the biometry calculations when using LADAS SF.

    How and when would you use the results from the tom/top for the K readings ? What if they are significantly different from the biometry ones?

    thank you

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