1575: slow motion of an amazing surgeon

Like you, I love learning from other surgeons, and I am indebted to many outstanding colleagues around the world. Ophthalmologists in Brazil have a passion for cataract surgery and this video encompasses the teachings of two master surgeons: Dr Neto Rosatelli who is performing this surgery and Dr Milton Yogi who taught me about being in the state of flow while in the operating room. You must go back and learn about the state of flow in order to truly become a master surgeon. I first saw this video of Dr Rosatelli performing a routine cataract case on his YouTube channel and I was mesmerized by the beautiful ballet of maneuvers. So much so that I asked him to send me the video file for CataractCoach.

Yes, this case is very fast (2 minutes total), but that is not the point. Speed is nothing without safety, efficiency, and great outcomes. What I enjoyed the most is that there are zero wasted movements in the entire surgery. Every single step has been thought out in much detail to optimize the surgery. Look at the picture above where the diamond keratome is not sharp on the sides so that it can fixate the eye while the paracentesis is made. Also note that the incision nicks the limbal vessels, has great architecture, and is held so precisely that not a drop of aqueous leaks out of the anterior chamber. The whole case is this amazing and if you don’t appreciate those details just yet, give it time and revisit this video after you have gained more experience. I show the surgery in real-time first (2 minutes) followed by the same case shown at 0.5x speed (4 minutes) so that we can dissect it in more detail.

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  1. Fascinating technique spinning to dislodge the cortex. What second instrument is being used do we know? Chopper with a mushroom on the tip.

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