1572: solving iris prolapse in a small eye

Our guest today is Dr Mohamed Sayed (formerly in Miami, now in Dubai), a master surgeon who has taught us so much with his complex glaucoma cases, such as how to make an even smaller conjunctival incision by folding the footplate of a seton. He presents a case today of iris prolapse in a small, hyperopic eye and the patient also has a shallow anterior chamber and also has floppy iris syndrome. This is quite the challenge. You can see at the beginning of the case during capsulorhexis creation that the iris really wants to prolapse out of the incision. This is even more challenging since the patient has a light colored iris and any iris damage or cosmetic defect will be more obvious. There are some great pearls in the video to solve the iris prolapse and complete the case safely. At the end of the procedure there is a little iatrogenic defect of the sub-incisional iris and this is to be expected. 100% of cataract surgeons will encounter these challenges and we all have patients who end up with iatrogenic iris defects. That is the nature of surgery.

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