1518: Curriculum Lesson 1: OR basics

It is July and that means the beginning of the academic year and another class of young ophthalmologists-in-training are starting their surgical careers. Our new series is the CataractCoach Curriculum where we will feature a lesson with about 4 videos which highlight a particular topic. The curriculum has been built so that the best learning will come by studying the lessons in order. This curriculum is helpful to sort through the more than 1500 videos which have already posted. We will post a new CataractCoach Curriculum Lesson semi-monthly so there will be 24 lessons in a year, typically on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. These compilation videos are longer, about 20 minutes, so Sunday will be a good time to study these and prepare for your upcoming week.

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  1. For sure sir.. i have recently completed my Fellowship in Pakistan.. learning a lot.. hats off to u sir.

  2. Never forget to clean the microscope oculars. Water slash on the oculars and makes visibility difficult. I typically have a lens cloth on me at all times; cleaning my eye pieces and the main oculars for the microscope. I also adjust the lighting, to make sure the read telex is marginally brighter than the overall field illumination. Thanks for an insightful tutorial.

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