1441: converting from phaco to MSICS

Our guest surgeon is Jack Shao MD who is a faculty member at the Cole Eye Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. His video features a very, very dense cataract where the word brunescent seems like an understatement. He attempts to perform phaco but then realizes that a better option would be MSICS. He makes the switch and produces an outstanding result for this patient. We encourage our viewers to ensure that they have experience performing MSICS even if phaco is your preferred technique. There will certainly be cases like this in your future where you will want to use MSICS, and that even applies in our Beverly Hills, California surgery center.

I also want to say thank you to Dr Shao for a very kind email that accompanied his video: This video is my homage to you and everything I’ve learned and taken away from your teachings. I don’t think I would have taken on this case without the necessary skillsets that I took away by watch you and your videos. I’m a big fan of flip and chop but this is the most brunescent cataract I’ve tried this on. It didn’t work, but I wasn’t worried because I also learned SICS from watching your videos.

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