1428: can you achieve this by case 1000?

If you are subscribing to our daily email from CataractCoach, then you are already passionate about being an expert cataract surgeon. You are like me: we are both committed to learning more and more and continually improving our surgical techniques so that we can give our very best to our patients. At the Millennial Eye Live meeting in Austin, Texas, USA there was a discussion among young surgeons as to what was possible by case 1000. In this video, I present a routine cataract case that is efficient, elegant, and precise. And it is something that you can achieve by case 1000. The key in this video is to focus on the technique for each step of surgery and not to worry about the time taken. If you can achieve the same precise capsulorhexis in 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds, it is still outstanding. Do not worry about the time taken for each step because efficiency comes when you perfect the ballet of the movements. Study this video in detail and keep it in mind as a target for what you can achieve by case 1000.

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