1391: trying to find work/life balance

When you see this picture of me with my mountain bike, do not be fooled into thinking that I have great skills for enduro riding. I am just a newbie and I should be watching MountainBikeCoach.com if that exists. But it is a pursuit that I am enjoying and it helps me clear my head and enjoy the great outdoors of Southern California. Finding that work/life balance has been challenging for me and it’s one of the aspects of my life that is still in flux. I am a work in progress and it has taken me decades to get this far and I’m still far from perfect. But I am learning and in this video I share with you some of my challenges in finding work/life balance. These are some really great pearls that I wish someone had told me about 20 years ago.

link here

and if you’re a mountain biker, my ride is an Ibis Ripmo V2 — which has way more capability than I have skill.


  1. Spending 22 years operating every day we as doctors that what makes us happy the most we did had a tough time raising up our children and now they are our junior doctors that need us to train and motivate them I think we are blessed to have this life and make other people happy

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