1349: share your best surgical pearl

We had some much needed rain in Los Angeles recently and I was fortunate to catch a beautiful rainbow. And as the legend states, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, I don’t have any gold but I certainly have lots of pearls to share. I have learned so much from making these CataractCoach videos and reviewing the submissions from surgeons around the world. And I’m doing my best to share all the surgical pearls with our community.

We have something powerful here with thousands of ophthalmologists subscribing to these videos and the free daily email. We can learn from each other by crowd-sourcing the best surgical pearls. It could be something very simple like adding 0.5 diopters to the IOL power in an eye with a prior pars plana vitrectomy. Please send in your videos of your best surgical pearls. And if you don’t have a video, please share your pearls by leaving a comment below.

click to see how we can all share our best surgical pearls:

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one more important anouncement:

You can win this contest and get a US$500 check from CataractCoach.com — full info is here.


  1. Before implanting the iol circulating nurse says iol power scrub nurse verifies and shows iol pack to surgeon for final verification

  2. I decompress the AC before I hydrodissect by gently depressing the inferior lip of the incision allowing a little visco elastic to egress. I think it lessens the chance of “”blowing out” the posterior capsule

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