1348: pupil stretch, toric IOL, steroid implant

Our guest surgeon Dr Himani Goyal does a masterful cataract surgery for this monocular patient. We are showing the entire video at 4x speed so that you can see every step of the surgery. The patient has a small pupil with synechiae which are carefully lysed. Then two Kuglen hooks are used to perform pupil stretching. Note that our guest surgeon uses two paracentesis incisions 180 degree opposite each other in order to facilitate this. The patient is also getting a toric monofocal IOL to address significant corneal astigmatism. And finally, the patient gets a steroid eluting implant to help control post-op inflammation. There are so many great pearls to learn from this surgery which will take you just 5 minutes to watch.

click to learn from this challenging cataract case which was masterfully done:

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  1. Great case. I have one of these (monocular, syneched pupil) next week. I dip the tip of the Dextenza in a drop of Viscoat – makes insertion much easier.

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