1340: plan your rhexis to avoid opacities

Yesterday’s video (#1339) showed how to move cortical opacities from the path of the capsulorhexis by pushing the liquefied lens material centrally. In some cases, however, cortical spokes are less liquefied and more solid. These damaged and denatured lens proteins can even turn somewhat fibrotic. In a case like this, we can simply plan our capsulorhexis so that we only re-grab the capsule in areas where we have a good visualization. By avoiding the opaque areas, we can easily complete the capsulorhexis. Some of our newer surgeons may be asking why we don’t simply use Trypan Blue dye to stain the anterior lens capsule. That is certainly a good option, particularly for surgeons early in their careers. As you gain more experience you will find that you simply do not need to use the Trypan Blue dye very often. There may also be financial considerations, which are explained in the video.

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